Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Natural Rockstar

There are times when you hear a young voice that is so talented, so beautiful, you know that the child is destined to be a musical genius. That is what Mike and I encountered one night as we were driving home from the beach with the kids. It started out innocently with Mike singing, "If you want to talk to tomatoes. If you love celery, boy have we got a show for you!" Then, just as he starts to sing "Veggie Tales, Veggie tales," Simon joins in singing Veggie Tales in a hard-core, guttural-screaming voice that would make ACDC proud. It was awe-inspiring and mind-blowing all at once. This kid is something special! 

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Breakup this year was not as bad as it has been in past snowier years, but we were all eager for the snow and ice to melt and to get on with Spring. In the evenings, we would head outside and tromp around the yard and woods stomping on the last piles of snow in an effort to break them up and get them to melt faster. 

One night, the birds were singing as we walked and the kids joined together in an impromptu chick-a-dee song and dance. The singing and dancing was of superior quality and we had several encore performances. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Happy Easter!

As Easter fell on the 1st of April, there still was a good bit of snow and ice from winter on the ground. But, our love of Easter Egg hunts far outweighed any concern we had about frozen feet and other such nonsense. Our friends hosted an Easter egg hunt the day before Easter that was a blast. They did an amazing job of hiding eggs of varying difficulty for the kids. My heart was warmed to see Violet and Oscar hiding some of the eggs they found for other little kids who had not found as many eggs. They displayed the most profound Easter spirit known to children: the sacrifice of chocolate goodies for other little kids. It was a beautiful moment! 

We attended Easter mass and had a lovely time at the church brunch afterward. The rest of the day was fairly low key; we spent time with friends and enjoyed each other's company (not to mention the treasures from the Easter Bunny)! 

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Open Wide

The kids had their 6 month check up at the dentist this week. I love our dentist. He and his staff are so fabulous with the kids, the kids actually ask “When do we get to go to the dentist?!”  I have to say, I was so proud of the kids, they were champion patients, even Simon. They were so good and cooperative that we finished our appointments a half hour early. I’m happy to report that they all received clean bills of oral health. And bonus, Simon received an ostrich toothbrush. How cool is that?!


Monday, March 26, 2018

Journey to Jerusalem

During Lent, Grace Lutheran does a fabulous Easter event called “Jerusalem Experience.” They set up the eight rooms of their school to represent the journey Jesus took to Jerusalem and His crucifixion. The event is geared towards families and each “stop” on Jesus’ journey has some sort of hands-on activity. You begin by dressing for the journey to Jerusalem. Then you receive your passport that is stamped at each station.

The first stop is Mary and Martha’s house. Mary explains about how she washed Jesus’ feet with her hair and perfumed him. In this room, we get to smell a handful of different oils and perfumes.

Then we journey to Jerusalem and receive palm branches and talk about how Jesus was welcomed into the city as he rode on the back of a donkey. In this room, we were able to wave our branches and call out to Jesus just as the townsfolk did.

After that, we headed for the temple where we got to hear the noises of the temple. Then we went to the room where Jesus had the Last Supper. We were able to sample some of the food that Jesus would have eaten.

Then we went onward to the Garden of Gethsemane where we met the owner of the olive garden and ate some olives while he described what happened there as Jesus was arrested.

In the next room, we met the centurion who was in charge of scourging Jesus and crucifying him. We were able to touch the crown of thorns and feel the leather whip that he used to whip Jesus.

After, we met Mary Magdalene who talked about the crucifixion. She gave us some rice vinegar similar to the gall wine that was offered to Jesus before he died.

Lastly, we entered the tomb where Jesus was laid to rest. We got to see the rock on which Jesus was laid and meet the angles that appeared in the tomb after Jesus had risen.

Grace Lutheran does an absolutely amazing job of bringing the last days of Jesus to life. The next morning before church, I took out an activity that I had prepared for my Faith Formation class. It had the events of Jesus’ last week on earth laid out for you to put into the right sequence. We were able to order the events correctly by remembering the sequence of events that we walked through the previous day. It was such a neat way to prepare for Easter.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Mike

Mike turned 29 this year, by his own account. His birthday was on Thursday, so we had a small family gathering - dinner, cake, and presents. He received a pretty fancy monocular, a camp stove, and some Nenana Ice Classic tickets for his birthday. I am also considering giving him the gift of a visit to the Neurologist for dementia screening as he's pretty adamant about turning 29 this year.

I'm not sure how I feel about being married to a much younger man....

Baboo and the kids created a pretty amazing birthday banner for him. We're so lucky to have this guy in our lives!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Dinosaur Land

As everyone knows, Oscar loves dinosaurs. One of his daily activities is to create elaborate dinosaur scenes. He will be in the back room for hours creating and adjusting his dinosaur scene so that it is perfect. This spring, he and Baboo have been busy creating a volcano for his dinosaur scene. I have to say that he can create some pretty amazing scenes.