Friday, September 28, 2018

By way of deduction

As you may know, Violet is a huge Nancy Drew fan. One night, I was reading a chapter of Nancy Drew to her before bed when I asked her what the back story was on one of the characters - which I missed when she decided to read a couple of chapters on her own. She told me that Alice's dad worked at a bank and had been abducted during a bank robbery - although the police think the dad was an accomplice in the robbery. Violet went on to explain that she believed Alice because Alice knows her dad - "just like I know daddy. I mean, I know dad would never rob a bank because he is a good man. He loves Jesus!" 

And there you have it. 

Sunday, September 23, 2018

What kind of dinosaur?

Simon was playing with a couple of toys including a dinosaur stencil. He held up the stencil and said, "Mom, what kind of dinosaur is this?" I looked at the stencil and said, "that's a long neck."

"Nope!" he exclaimed gleefully, "It's an Apatosaurus!"

Which is a long neck, for the record.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Oscar's Birthday

Oscar's love affair with dinosaurs continues (though it may be starting to fade), so it was only natural that we would throw yet another dinosaur-themed birthday party for him this year. Now that Oscar is in kindergarten, the invitation list started to grow. Faced with the idea of having to clean our house to the point where we would want dozens of unknown strangers wandering about, we decided to hold the party at a local park. 

I had a few modest activities planned for Oscar's birthday, but it wasn't long before my mother stepped in and took over operations. Being a far better event planner than I, she soon had stacks of totes ready for transport. We arrived at the park, put up a tent and several tables and got to work. 

First, the kids made "snow." Each kid received a paper plate (for overflow), a cup of water, and some "snow." They counted to three and poured the white powder into the cup of water to make a (small) mountain of snow. After the kids had played for a bit in there, we poured their snow into ziploc baggies and moved on to cookie decorating. After that, we blasted off the water rocket and played with the water beads. Then it was time for cake and presents. All things considered, it was a hit of a party and several moms / grandmas were asking for Baboo's contact information! 

Did I mention the dino photo booth?

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Binky Free and Proud

A few weeks ago on Saturday, Mike and Simon were discussing being an adult and how adults do not use binkies. As Simon is convinced he is an adult, he decided to throw his binky away. Simon has been off the binky during the day for quite a while, but was still using it at night. 3 years old is usually our cut off for binkies, but we also wait until the child throws the binky away him/herself. Simon took quite a long time to be inspired to let go of the binky, so when he suggested throwing it away, we encouraged him loudly. He grabbed the binky and threw it away. Mike took out the trash and later in the day took it to the dump. It was a rough night (as expected), but got better the next night and the night after.

The following weekend, Mike went to the dump per usual. While Mike was out, Simon called for Mike. I told him Mike had gone to the dump. And Simon turned to me and said, "to visit my binky?"

Yes, buddy, to visit your binky.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

38 is Great!

I turned 38 this week. I have to say, it was a pretty great birthday; I awoke to several birthday texts to start the day. I went to work and received many happy birthday wishes from my co-workers. My friend and manager made me fruit salad (instead of cake) and I was surprised by a call from the registration desk at the hospital saying I had flowers waiting for me (thanks to my dear friend Shannon).

When I arrived home, Baboo and the kids had presents and a cake set out for me. I was even blessed by birthday gifts in the mail from Meghan. Mike also bought me peonies for my birthday. No matter what my age, it is always nice to be remembered!


Friday, August 31, 2018

Toothfully yours

I came home from work today and Oscar came out and presented me with the following note: 

Then he told me the following story: I was playing at the log and then Kevin started wrestling me and my tooth came out. I had it in my hand and I started saying "I'm rich! I'm rich!" [And he jumped around to demonstrate his excitement.] And then it fell out of my hand." 

Thankfully, the Tooth Fairy knows when a person has lost a tooth even if the tooth has gone missing.... And, at least he received this cool sticker from his teacher. 

My little toothless guy! 

Friday, August 24, 2018

First Week of School

Alas, the summer is coming to an end and school is here! I took the week off from work in order to get everyone situated in their school and into the new routine. This year, Violet starts the 3rd grade, Oscar starts kindergarten, and Simon starts preschool. The first week of kindergarten are half-days designed to ease kids into the school routine. Oscar was pretty excited about starting school and could not wait until classes were full-days. 

I'm so happy we decided to put Simon into preschool a couple half days a week - he really wants to go to school just like Violet and Oscar, so it was an easy decision. 

Violet is thrilled to be back to school and with all of her friends. The girl's social needs are too great for summer break! 

Tuesday was the first day of school; Violet was so excited, she woke up at 4:45 am. Unfortunately, she couldn't be excited in her room alone and needed to let me know she was up and ready to go. She did not go back to sleep. I tried, but was unsuccessful. Surprisingly, although we went up to their rooms at 8:15 pm, she did not fall asleep until about 9:30 or so. Craziness.

First day of school

Second Day of School